'Stab packs' given to pubs, clubs and police to 'stem blood flow and stop victims dying'

'Stab packs' given to pubs, clubs and police to 'stem blood flow and stop victims dying'

The kits have been handed out in memory of dad-to-be Chris Cave who was stabbed to death in 2003, by the charity set up by his family


Hundreds of "stab packs" have been given to pubs, clubs, and a police force in memory of a Redcar teenager who was knifed.

Chris Cave, 17, was violently and repeatedly stabbed without any provocation at the entrance to a small block of flats in 2003.

His murderer, Sean Matson, of Langthwaite Close, on Redcar's Lakes Estate, was locked up for life after admitting the killing while being "grossly impaired" by drink and drugs.

Chris' mum Theresa Cave set up the Chris Cave Foundation and its latest initiative giving out "stab packs" has proved a success.

Theresa Cave
Theresa Cave

More than 1,500 packs are in use, which are used to stem bleeding before paramedics arrive, reports BBC .

Cleveland Police confirmed it had ordered 500 of the kits which contain gloves, bandages and antiseptic and cost £1.25.

Phoenix Security, which supplies door staff to pubs and clubs throughout the North East, also said it had ordered 1,000 kits.


Chris' brother, Tom Cave said: "For our generation stabbings are occurring every single day. Many people die waiting for an ambulance if the blood flow cannot be stemmed."

Mum Theresa said: "The Foundation doesn't sell any stab packs - we give them freely when we make our own, but large orders like those from security firms are paid for 'materials only'.

"We make them free and give all our educational programs free too.

"We raise our own funding and have only just, after 16 years, been given a government grant to use for workshops."

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland Barry Coppinger said the kits were being given out to its officers.

He said: "The packs will mean that we can intervene at the earliest stage because that can save lives."